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The challenge

The “Eversheds Sutherland Consumer Hub” launched in 2015 following a rebuild of the Eversheds Sutherland Food and Drink hub. The hub is a source of current information, receiving approximately 2,000 visits a month. Eversheds Sutherland instructed Fly to give the consumer hub a rejuvenated look for 2018. They also needed a straightforward CMS solution to manage articles pushed through the website effortlessly.

What we did

We gave the brand a new visually compelling look and feel, creating engaging and dynamic articles, which integrated with LinkedIn. We imported 1,500 stories from Eversheds Sutherland database to the Fly CMS, giving them the power to be able to push stories to either individual or multiple sections with a click of button. We also used existing html code for the old articles and adapted them to the new environment.

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The result

The author of each article produced on the hub has a LinkedIn link. This has given Eversheds Sutherland greater insight into who is looking at the articles, and has created a platform for the partners and sales team to connect with the right target audience. We created a user friendly site management, with CMS personalised to Eversheds Sutherlands wants and needs. It has the ability to add content and article posts effortlessly across the website. The code in our CMS is sleek, making future amends and upgrades simple, with fast loading times. Our streamlined code also ensures pages load quickly, so the user can get to relevant information fast. As the code is optimised, so is the SEO. Google recognises our CMS code with more clarity, resulting in higher Google rankings for Eversheds Sutherland, with bigger reach.

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