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The challenge

Flagstone offer a unique cash platform giving customers instant access to hundreds of deposit accounts, empowering you to earn more interest and minimise risk. Flagstone approached Fly to create a brand refresh, a creative route and a new online presence communicating the advantages to specific targets - Corporate/SMEs, Charities, Individuals, Wealth Advisers and Banks.

What we did

We realigned Flagstones brand to encompass the 5 target audiences. This was represented by 5 coloured bricks incorporated into the logo. We built 5 websites, with each website having a tailored user journey with call to actions specific to their sector. All were integrated with sales led social media channels to encourage sharing.

The CMS allowed Flagstone to navigate and add content with ease. We implemented other features such as a referral tool and api’s such as SalesSeek’s CRM platform.

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The result

We created a refined brand which highlighted and emulated Flagstones core values. We composed an elegant future proof website, built specifically to their target audience, using a tailor made secure CMS platform with a wealth of additional features. Predominantly we ensured Flagstone had not only a website, but a performance tool which generates business.

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