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The challenge

Grey Matters provide performance enhancement interventions for athletes. As leaders in their field, they wanted to seize the opportunity to affirm their positioning in the marketplace.

Grey Matters lacked unique communication that reflected their current offering, or the reach of their mission. Whilst there were values, they didn’t shine and stand out in their marketing material. They needed a fresh brand, identity and website which reflected their unique approach.

What we did

First we looked at the brand, creating the foundations. This set the tone of all further communications. Once the identity was born we created the logo, colourways and typography aiming at a sport targeted audience.

We noticed Grey Matters optimises a triangular approach, to pursue the impossible reach of perfection, hence the impossible triangle brand was born, giving them a new philosophy.

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The result

We created a website which was packed full of user journeys, engaging imagery, strong identity and tone of voice which empowered the user to get a deeper understanding of Grey Matters. Individuals could find specific information easier, including testimonials, an interactive map which shows the global presence of Grey Matters, news stories and articles. We implemented the triangular approach - observe, analyse and refine, in pursuit of impossible.

The work was coupled with a social media campaign, utilising all channels, but specifically driving through linkedin. We targeted their specific audience by generating articles to push out through linkedin, creating beautifully crafted videos and posts.

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