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The challenge

Kantar Millward Brown, a global market research firm, offer a suite of creative development solutions. They support insights, marketing and agencies in researching, road-testing and evaluating brand communications at every stage. Fly were approached to deliver an online presence to communicate Kantar Millward Brown’s unique offering.

What we did

Kantar Millward Brown needed a solution which communicated that by using their service it would nurture agencies creativity, giving clients the vital insight they would need to identify powerful messaging to their target audience. Fly created an abstract origami approach, where Kantar Millward Brown is symbolised by the sphere (almost like an egg). Great creative development was represented by colourful subtly animated origami birds, and shapes symbolising each offering.

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The result

The concept Fly generated was rolled out through various marketing touchpoints including creating an innovative landing page, an origami style brochure, branded presentation documents and e-flyers. All were carefully created to be inline and championing Kantar Millward Browns brand guidelines.

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