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The challenge

Munnypot is a revolutionary portal that brings affordable finance advice to the masses. Munnypot's founders wanted to move away from traditional, normally costly, face-to-face financial advice. Instead, they created accessible jargon-free advice and support, while keeping costs low.

We were instructed to create a website which explained their offer and encouraged people to get involved.

What we did

Fly produced a sophisticated website to encourage the public to use Munnypot’s service.

We focused on their central proposition, “affordable savings and investment advice”. The user journey ensured every touchpoint- the benefits, how the platform works, walkthrough videos and building trust all implemented clever call to actions.

We also produced a dynamic news hub, fees calculator, and an interactive map to illustrate the UK’s top savings goals.

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The result

A resourceful, informative and efficient website which comprehensively advertised the Munnypot philosophy and benefits.

Oh and the best bit… it won an award for Best Website at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2018. Please see self indulgent link!

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