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The challenge

RibbonCares is a female cancer cover designed to take the worry out of finances. Women have enough anguish in about coping with a cancer diagnosis, so RibbonCares provides a financial protection to make things easier while you are having treatment. RibbonCares, part of AIG, needed a unique online platform for online cancer insurance specifically targeted at women.

What we did

Instead of creating a website selling insurance, we created a hub of information full of facts, figures news etc aimed at women who had friends or loved ones affected by cancer. We also created a social media campaign which increased the outreach of RibbonCares to a whole new audience.

Through many call to actions we empowered women with enough knowledge to buy cancer insurance. We grew an audience of women who became brand advocates for those affected by cancer.

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The result

We created beautiful, information packed website. We also partnered with big names in women’s cancer research such as Eve Appeal, Macmillan and Cancer Research UK.

We placed in real life stories from people who suffered from cancer, and how it affected their lives. The result was a brilliant way of building an audience of women who champion RibbonCares, without feeling sold too. The hub helped reach a wide audience of people experiencing cancer gain a richer and deeper understanding of the effects of cancer, and provide vital and insightful information.

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